MELI is the largest online commerce and fintech platform in Latin America and as of June 2021 one of the six largest companies in the Americas by market capitalization value in internet retail and internet software/services for the Americas. It has a unique regional and integrated platform designed to provide users with a complete portfolio of services to facilitate commercial and financial transactions. MELI is present in 18 countries across the region and is the e-commerce market leader in key geographies such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, based on the number of total visits in the period between June 2020 and May 2021.

Kaszek is the largest early-stage, technology focused venture capital manager in Latin America, having raised more than $2 billion in seven different funds that encompass a full lifecycle investing strategy. We believe Kaszek has one of the most experienced investing teams in the region, including Hernan Kazah, our co-Chief Executive Officer, Nicol√°s Szekasy and Nicolas Berman, who as co-founder and chief operating officer, chief financial officer and vice president of marketing at MELI, respectively, were instrumental to MELI’s¬†development and performance from its founding in 1999, through its initial public offering in 2007 and until 2011.